The pharmaceutical industry has witnessed a rapid change in the environment which has impacted the way it operates. Significant changes have had to be incorporated to cater to the demands of their clients that have gone up with time. Information Technology has enabled organizations in this industry to reduce costs while offering superior service to their clients and stakeholders.
MindCraft’s De-Duplication Engine is a solution to ensure centralized de-duplication of doctor’s database. It helps clean duplicate information in any database, resulting in accurate information for any given record.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The suite of ECM solutions provided by MindCraft incorporate a set of tools for information management and records management, integrated reporting, document archival and retrieval, data mining, extraction and transformation. The suite is architected as a scalable solution used for capturing, indexing, retention, retrieval, delivery and future processing of both structured and unstructured information assets.

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Thousands of lives are lost globally, every year, while pharmaceutical companies continue to lose billions of dollars in revenues due to counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, counterfeit drugs constitute around 1% of the supply in developed countries and 30% to 40% in developing countries. Though the 1% figure seems small, it consists of millions of prescriptions in the US alone. The global problem of counterfeit drugs thus requires a global response.

How MindCraft can help in serialization efforts:

We work along with company management to identify the business impact.

We map serialization requirements product-wise and production-line-wise.

We work with you to develop an overall serialization implementation roadmap.

We establish a project management and monitoring cell to manage and govern project implementation.

Last but not the least, we provide skilled and experienced teams to drive serialization implementation success.