ComTrak - A Brokerage Commitment Tracker for reconciliation of payments

An easier and seamless approach for managing broker commitments

Mitigate Challenges
Of Manual
Brokerage Tracking

Traditionally, Mutual Fund Houses have faced challenges tracking commitments made to brokers and then reconciling them with the actual payments. This solution can be used to enter the commitments made, get the appropriate approvals and generate the commitment letters. Moreover, the tracker helps reconcile this computation with the commitment and the actual payment.

The solution facilitates creation as per the brokerage commitment report at the beginning of every quarter. It also generates feeds to be sent to the registrar for calculation of brokerages. A web-based product, with the proper security infrastructure, this can be used from anywhere in the world.

Tracker That
Enables Easy


Helps Mutual Fund Companies maintain the Broker repository

Maintains commitments made to the IFA’s

Features date of commitment & percentage of commission

Lets the Mutual Fund Company map commitment with the responsible employee

Eases the reconciliation process for Mutual Fund Company, the Broker, and the Registrar

Inbuilt tracker to reconcile between commitment and payment

Key Features

User authentication

Option to define overrides

Central repository

Repository of data across legacy applications

Lets you view broker empanelment forms

Bulk printing of Brokerage Commitment Letters

Role wise user provisioning

Integrated with Omnidocs DMS

Generates feeds for calculation of brokerages

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