The Insurance industry copes with a number of challenges – from dealing with large amounts of data to regulatory changes and risk management. These growing pressures often necessitate a business model transformation. MindCraft helps you re-invent your business model by adopting the right technology suitable for your business needs. To help with this process we offer a range of products and solutions for reporting your business risk, BI dashboards, as well as setting up advisor kiosks. MindCraft’s Insurance Business Intelligence Solution has been created to meet the complex and varied reporting and analytics needs of the Insurance industry. The Insurance BI solution enables transforming raw data into meaningful information that provides effective business insight and facilitates decision-making. Reporting requirements of different internal and external communities like sales channels, operations teams, planning teams, accounts team, third party agents, etc. are handled through a sophisticated dashboard that feeds off a comprehensive Life Insurance Logical Data Model.


Risk Monitoring Solution

Enterprise-wide business risk monitoring dashboard for key risk metrics. Captures risks across business functions, geographies, channels, and time-periods.

Life Insurance Dashboard

Interactive dashboards covering different KPIs used by the Insurance industry. Provides accurate MIS on daily / monthly / quarterly / yearly basis.

BPM Implementation

Implementation of workflow and process automation solutions in various functions like new business, payments and customer service.

SOA / ESB Implementation

Design comprehensive Enterprise Architecture - from a simple ESB-based service gateway to a complex event-driven or change-log driven integration.

Portal Development

Development of internet based portals for various communities. Offers a unified view for Customers, Advisors and Employees.

DW & BI Implementation

Precise and intuitive dashboards providing a panoramic view of multiple aspects for senior management and ground operations teams.

Systems Software Support

Back to back SLAs for management of systems software that spans across multiple middleware and database stacks.

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