Increase productivity with an automated lending process
Gold Loan Origination System

Benefit From Faster
Loan Processing

Is your staff spending most of its time on processes and documentation for Loan origination? Is checking 'eligibility' and 'follow-up' taking away the man hours from more profitable, value adding activities? We provide you a way out! MindCraft’s Aurum automates the lending life cycle – from customer acquisition, pre-disbursement verification, to disbursement.

Are you wondering how much time and energy this solution might save for you? Our solution reduces the amount of manual work, thereby greatly reducing the Turn Around Time!

Benefit From Faster
Loan Processing


Minimum Turn Around Time

Integration with peripheral and core systems

Wide range of functions and features

Increased Return on Investments

Elimination of Risk factors

Advanced Customer Management

Advanced Collateral Management

Automated Report Generation

Key Features

  • Capture basic details of applicant and co-applicant
  • Integrate with credit information databases
  • Checks for De-duplication and Valuation
  • Discrepancies and Waivers details
  • Summary of Credit, Valuation and Verification
  • Disbursement Approval
  • Upload documents and reports at various stages
  • Information mapping to provide access from central location
  • Feature loaded dashboard available
  • Find out how you can benefit with Aurum