Software Reselling

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Allow us to take care of your software licensing requirements

At MindCraft, we value our partnerships and alliances as they have not only enabled us to develop and deploy effective business applications and software solutions, but also helped us offer their range of products to our clients. Thus, we are always geared to meet the varied needs of our clients.

MindCraft has a specialized team that caters to the licensing requirements of its client. After understanding the infrastructure and application landscape of the client, this team establishes their software licensing requirements and helps procure them. MindCraft has the capability to deliver implementation services for the products that it resells. We at MindCraft offer valuable implementation assistance through technical support. Our timely reminders for product license renewals help our clients avoid expensive reinstatement that goes out of support for these product licenses.

Offerings with Services, Additional benefits we provide

Additional benefits that we provided

Proof of technology

Product feature demonstration, functionality and capability which helps assess the "right" product for purchase.

License Compliance Audit

Audits can be performed to
ascertain and identify the "correct" licenses needed for the existing setup.

Software Download

We provide copies of software that you have lost or misplaced provided you have valid licenses for the same.

Renewal Reminders

Timely reminders to renew software when it is due for renewals. We follow it up with the best quotes for renewal from the principal vendors.

We resell the following products


  • Cloud Pak for Business Automation
  • Cloud Pak for Integration
  • Red Hat OpenShift