Cloud Strategy For The Best Investment Value

Migrate your applications to cloud so that the infrastructure required by you is managed externally while you can focus on the performance of your application. With cloud, you need not worry about the scalability of your applications. You can avoid investing in expensive infrastructure and upgrades, which can be easily managed by a cloud service provider. MindCraft can be your chosen partner for providing consulting, implementation & migration services on cloud. Depending on your requirement, we will enable you to choose the most suitable cloud solution that your business requires.

Cloud Migration

Depending on the state of your application deployment, you may want to move to cloud with least disruption or be fine with a staged migration process. Most cloud environments support a lift & shift approach where existing VMs are moved to cloud without any changes. This is the least disruptive migration approach but not necessarily the best as it does not utilize cloud services to its fullest. MindCraft can help you decide on your migration strategy and also help with the implementation.

Cloud Foundry

Serverless computing is among the most exciting features of cloud providers. A cloud foundry takes away all the hassle of choosing and provisioning infrastructure while providing features such as elasticity in computing capacity, high availability, etc. By seamlessly providing multi-cloud backends, it helps reduce the complexity of understanding nuances of multiple cloud providers and also simplifies deployment drastically. The Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the leader in this space. MindCraft can help you adopt cloud foundry services if you wish to opt for serverless computing.

Private Cloud

Cloud providers aim to provide simplified access to services which helps hide all the infrastructure related complexities. The same experience can also be extended to your on-premise application through use of the private cloud. A private cloud provides a virtual services layer over your on-premise infrastructure, thereby allowing you to leverage it as if it were on a public cloud. It takes away all concerns associated with pushing your apps and data on a shared public cloud infrastructure. This is an ideal consideration for applications that are extremely sensitive or bound by regulatory guidelines that forbid public cloud deployments. MindCraft can help you set-up and run a private cloud on your own premises, leveraging your hardware and network investments.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Once applications are migrated to cloud, you need a reliable partner to support you on the cloud infrastructure and ensure that it is being optimally used. No matter which cloud provider you choose, MindCraft can help you manage the environment and the applications as a single service. This covers not only the cloud infrastructure, but also platform components such as middleware, databases, messaging systems and the application itself. This ensures that you have a single point of contact for all your application support needs. MindCraft has expertise on AWS, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud & PCF.