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In today’s dynamic business environment, flexibility, speed and efficiency are critical for all organizations. MindCraft offers a range of services that will help you and your clients take the opportunities that you come across and help your business grow and scale up to the next level. We will help you create a robust IT strategy that will enable you to drive continuous performance improvement within your organization, thereby, insuring your sustainability.

MindCraft Services

Development & Integration

Over the last 15 years, MindCraft, based on its practical experience, has developed and refined its methodologies for managing and delivering Application Development projects. We have ensured continuous productivity improvement in executing these Application Maintenance Projects.

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Development & Integration

MindCraft’s Application Development & Maintenance services can help you overcome business challenges by developing customized applications, suitable for your business requirements.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

A robust architecture can help you bring down your IT investment drastically.

Architecture Review

Our team of experts can recommend the right architecture and help implement them.

SOA Roadmap

Our SOA Roadmap will help you strategize so you can respond to dynamic market conditions cost effectively.

Performance Optimization

Boost the performance of your applications and save time and money.

Business Process Management

Drive business excellence by adopting efficient and effective business processes.

Process Automation

Eliminate the time spent on outdated manual processes by embracing process automation

Rule Engine Implementation

Improve operational performance by integrating a rules engine that mandates minimum manual intervention


Seamlessly integrate your disparate Core Business Applications through our Integration framework and expertise.

Point-to-Point Integration

Choose P2P integration for limited data transfer between applications

ESB / SOA Implementation

Achieve business & IT alignment through SOA implementation

Mobility Solutions

Seize the opportunities posed by mobility in today’s digital world

Business Applications for mobiles and tablets

Our expertise in creating mobile applications will help you enhance your existing offering

Responsive sites

Allow us to partner with you to help you connect better with your customers by building responsive sites

Enterprise Content Management

Access critical documents and information with ease by incorporating our Enterprise Content Management Solution.

Implementation of Enterprise Content Management Solution & document related workflows

Get rid of the hassle of having content spread across varied mediums. Opt for our Enterprise Content Management Solution to help you manage, distribute and archive your documents easily.

Portal Solutions

Help your stakeholders connect and collaborate better with you.

Enterprise Portal

Stay connected with your market by embracing enterprise portals

Intranet Solutions

Engage employees better by selecting an intranet portal that reflects your corporate culture


Select a comprehensive and flexible collaboration portal that helps you share information effectively


Social networking is here to stay. Adopt a portal that your clients see value in

Application Development & Maintenance

Custom build robust applications that cater specifically to your business needs.

Application Specifications

We will help you articulate your application requirements and convert them to software specifications.

Application Develop

Allow our development team to work on your specifications and deliver an integrated, fully functional product that will enable you to achieve your business goals.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Every decision maker requires the right set of information to make timely decisions. We provide you the insight you require so you can excel in your business. From detailed drill-down reports for on-ground teams to concise interactive dashboards for the top management, we can provide everything you will ever need to make the right choices.

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Development & Integration

The Business Intelligence practice at MindCraft can help you develop solutions that provide insights into your Business Performance.

Data Warehousing

While we manage your data warehouse, you can focus on increasing market share.

Design & Implementation

Use our specialized Data Warehousing expertise to help you meet the evolving requirements of your organization. We design and implement end-to-end Data Warehousing Solutions on various platforms.


Transform your organization through crucial business insight.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get better insights into your business through reports that can facilitate faster decision making. We can enable you to generate reports from multiple data sources and present a comprehensive report that is meaningful to you.

Dashboards & Visualization

Through visualization, we make analytics easy.

Business / Management Information

Interactive representation of Management Information can be useful for meaningful analysis so you can make the right tactical and strategic decisions.


Have the right set of people access relevant dashboards that can facilitate collaborative analysis.


Manage data better; don’t let data manage you.

Extract Transform & Load

Reap the benefits of extraction and transformation of data from varied sources into single / multiple data stores, available for further analysis.

Data Cleansing

Accuracy of data contributes greatly to good decision making. We help remove inconsistencies across data sets so you have the right data for analysis.

Change Data Capture

Improve efficiency by adopting change data capture technology.

Hadoop & Big Data

Focus on business insights. It can help you stay ahead of competitors.

High volume data processing

With our expertise, we can help you make better decisions which will lead to improvement in operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Social Media Integration

Unleash the potential of social media to arrive at quick and sound decisions.


Systems Software Management

Organizations spend most of their IT Maintenance budget in managing their IT Systems Software Infrastructure. MindCraft’s System Software Management services offer to considerably reduce the investment on System Software Infrastructure through ITIL based service management.

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Development & Integration

Excellent technical capabilities and ability to support 24*7 operations.

Application Support Desk

We’ll handle your support requirements while your team can focus on your business.

Call Management & Call Ticket logging

As an extension of our Systems Software Management Services, MindCraft provides first level application support services and helpdesk.

Incident Management

Our process-oriented approach contributes greatly to incident management and helps reduce resolution time.

Knowledge Repository based Support

Our knowledge base provides support solutions for various issues and so facilitates faster resolution.

Middleware Management Services

Optimize the performance of your business applications by investing in the right middleware services.

Implementation and support of complex environments pertaining to Application Server Farms, BPM, EAI, DMS, DW&BI products

Database Services

Allow us to help you make significant savings in licensing costs by going in for database consolidation

Interactive representation of Management Implementation, Support, Administration & Performance Tuning across all major databases including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Informix & Sybase

Operating Systems & Tools

Maintain your operating system and prevent software glitches and vulnerabilities.

Installation & Support across all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, HP-UX, IBM AIX & Oracle Solaris