Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

The technology wave has also encompassed the Mutual Funds Industry. Companies in this sector need to offer online services to their clients to manage their portfolios, subscribe, redeem and switch from one fund to the other. They also need business analytics to observe and share the performance of funds with their clients. Technology has become an integral part of their operations and is essential for their sustenance in the competitive market today.

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  • MetRisk



    Risk Monitoring Solution
  • ComTrak



    Brokerage Commitment Tracking
  • IntiCraft



    Investor Self Service Portal

Mutual Funds Services

New look website with web 2.0 features like chat, forums, blogs etc. Platform to cross sell/ up sell, compare products vis-à-vis benchmarks and de-centralized publishing using Content Management System
Ability to check electronically with KRAs such as NSDL, CDSL, CAMS and Karvy for KYC compliance
Replicate the daily transaction database consisting of financial and non-financial transactions such as fresh purchases, switches, redemptions, change of address, change of bank mandates etc
Sales portal is an online portal to capture and report on daily and planned activities of the sales force
Helps provide authentication using OTP or digital certificates. Improve security of online transactions using an additional layer of security
Support for all platform components such as operating systems, databases and middleware required by applications, flexible engagement models ranging from 24x7 onsite / offsite support to on-call, visit based support
Creation of DR instances of applications consisting of environment creation, application deployment, first time data replication (back-up and restore)
Consulting engagement around devising a back-up strategy, monitoring on-going back-ups to verify alignment with the planned strategy

Mutual FUnds Solutions

Enterprise-wide business risk monitoring dashboard for key risk metrics. Captures risks across business functions, geographies, channels, and time-periods
Maintains brokerage records and assists in generating quarterly brokerage plans while reconciling them with actual payments
Portal that acts as a virtual branch. Offers a hassle-free investment experience to investors with easy, instant access to their portfolio
Interactive dashboards covering different KPI’s used by the Mutual Funds industry. Provides accurate MIS on daily / monthly / quarterly / yearly basis across channels / geographies / products
Enables verification of customer signatures on any service request form with the signature given on the physical application form. Features include online & offline cropping, signature upload etc