Mutual Funds

The technology wave has also encompassed the Mutual Funds Industry. Organizations in this sector need to offer online services to their clients to manage their portfolios, subscribe, redeem and switch from one fund to the other. They also need business analytics to observe and share the performance of funds with their clients. IT has become an integral part of their operations and is essential for their sustenance in the competitive market today.

Discover how our Mutual Fund solutions can transform your business


Risk Monitoring Solution

Enterprise-wide business risk monitoring dashboard for key risk metrics. Captures risks across business functions, geographies, channels, and time-periods.


Brokerage Commitment Tracking

Traditionally, Mutual Fund Houses have faced challenges tracking commitments made to brokers and then reconciling them with the actual payments.


Investor Self Service Portal

Our IntiCraft enables investors to purchase (using a payment gateway), redeem and switch between various schemes offered by a Fund House.