metRisk - A Risk Monitoring Solution for Insurance & Mutual Fund Companies

A comprehensive & centralized approach to risk automation

Reduce Risk

The increasing speed of operations and the availability of information across different mediums are posing a huge challenge to leaders in making business decisions. The different formats in which information is available from disparate sources, the varied traversal paths of information and the different entities with access to information further aggravate the situation.

In the world of Finance, this Risk leads to regulatory and legal lapses. MindCraft, with more than a decade’s experience in the BFSI sector, has worked closely with the information requirements of different functions. With the vast knowledge amassed over the last decade, MindCraft has developed a Risk Monitoring Framework which reduces the risk exposure of an organization at an enterprise level. This solution is available for the Life Insurance and Mutual Funds industries.

Get Clear
Visibility To
Enterprise-wide Risks


Clear visibility to Enterprise-wide risks across business functions, geographies, channels, time-periods and products

Timely risk-informed decision making

Ensures accurate Statutory & Regulatory compliance

Increases Operational Efficiency

Capable of handling large data volume

Flexibility to facilitate changes in metric parameters

Key Features

Dashboard increases ease of use

Parameters in line with monitoring measures

Provides notification alerts for information uploads

Encompasses all function areas of organization

Internal escalation mechanism structure

Minimizes down time by taking pro-active actions

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