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Despite geographical distances, an enriching collaboration experience contributes greatly to bringing group members closer and makes seamless communication possible. Whether you want to create an environment that is fun, involving and highly productive for your group members or share a platform for them to talk to each other, LoopIn is your one-stop solution that will enable you to do that and more. It is a Social-Collaboration Portal created to facilitate better communication and a higher level of knowledge sharing between people. When you enable people across different geographical locations to collaborate using a single platform, you can certainly expect things to move smoother and faster.

LoopIn can be transformed into a portal for employees, vendors, clients or just any group with a shared objective of exchanging ideas and thoughts. As an employee engagement tool, LoopIn can provide a forum for your employees to create a personalized account, share content, and keep themselves abreast of the latest events and updates of the organization. They can also engage in a dialogue with their peers. LoopIn is designed to increase sharing and peer-recognition and to foster a great culture between group members.

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Forums are a built in standard feature to promote active peer discussion that help members learn and bond better

Online Chat enables seamless conversations across various geographical locations

Notifications keep all members updated on new posts shared on the portal

RSS feeds ensure that members are always connected with the outside world and the Company

Blogs encourage knowledge sharing, between group members

Feedback in real time helps you to improve

Photo and Video Gallery let members get a visual glimpse of all activities and events

'Unified Search' lets people search for content, discussions or even any picture of an event that happened long ago

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Unified Search

Photo and Video Gallery

RSS Feeds

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