Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Rapid, continuous development along with continuous deployment is fast becoming a pre-requisite for competitive advantage. The complexities involved in software delivery further mandate a need for operational efficiency and quicker turn-around time. DevOps is the means of achieving all these objectives.

By means of collaboration between developers, testers and operations teams at an early stage of development, iterations can be avoided, problems can be anticipated and steps taken proactively to ensure smooth execution and deployment.

Are you in the early stages of developing your DevOps strategy?

Do you want to shift to Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration?

MindCraft can partner with you to take care of your DevOps requirements. Our scalable DevOps model makes continuous delivery, configuration and management a reality!

DevOps With MindCraft

What is DevOps?

DevOps transforms the traditional SDLC (Software development cycle) as the development runs IT as a business and the operations enhance to support the business.

Transforms SDLC

  • Automates the process
  • Improves Quality
  • Faster release
  • Creates Version Control

  • Why MindCraft?

    Development wants rapid change, Operations wants stability and quality; both are achievable through DevOps at MindCraft! We have a strong team of DevOps Consultants and robust infrastructure capabilities.

    Key Benefits

    Drive down costs

    Reduce time to market

    Automated testing helps enhance quality

    Reduce deployment down time, faster deployments

    Shrink defect cycle time

    DevOps Services

    Environment - Highly automated environment helps mitigate delays in the development.

    • Environment Automation
    • Configuration Automation
    • Test Automation

    Continuous Delivery - Continuous delivery facilitates rapid onboarding of applications

    • Continuous Integration
    • SCM & Development

    Release Management - Complete visibility and accountability across the ecosystem

    • Release Planning
    • Release Monitoring
    • Release Automation

    Project Execution - Successful execution of projects providing services around

    • Containerization
    • Microservices

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