Take complexity out. Manage projects with ease
Project Management

Reduce Complexities Associated With Project Management

Project Management is a perplexing activity that needs to be conducted in a structured fashion. There are various stages from ideation and planning to completion. At every stage data is generated and very often manually worked upon to be shared with various stakeholders. MindCraft has developed a Project Management System to help reduce the complexities associated with managing projects by providing a simple tracking mechanism offering status updates.

ProWiz is an easy-to-deploy, reliable, solution. It helps you track tasks and get progress updates. It provides cost tracking functionality in a robust and secure environment. This allows you to easily track the ROI of your activities. ProWiz is not just any project management software, but one that is best suited to collaborate and manage projects efficiently.

Track & Monitor Information You Need


Automatically and reliably aggregates and consolidates departments and efforts

Helps securing and safely storing critical information captured during studies

Easy access to historical data for the product and studies to enable efficient decision making process and further R&D

Creates visibility and automates approval process

Key Features

  • Assigns tasks and tracks progress
  • Milestone Completion Bar
  • Gantt Chart and Line Chart
  • Milestone Tracking Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Budget Reports
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Escalation Emails
  • Document Upload
  • Find out how you can benefit with ProWiz